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Photo of Injury Prevention & Injury Recovery Assessment

Injury Prevention & Injury Recovery Assessment


Purpose:  It doesn’t matter how great you are at any sport if you are injured and can’t help your team.  Being in the game matters and it’s hard to help your team if you aren’t at your best!  In this assessment with Brian, he will look at your movement patterns relative to a past injury or help identify movement limitations that increase your risk of injury.

How you move your body matters.  If your body is in balance – you move and make improvements quickly and efficiently.  When you overuse your body in specific ways (Ex – overuse injuries) you become inefficient or injured.

Pre Injury Assessment:  Evaluations will be made both manually and using a kinetic feedback device to measure and identify any areas that are putting you at risk.

Post Injury Assessment:  If you had a past injury and want to know where you are in the recovery process this assessment is for you.  Whether you have history of ankle sprains or you are coming back from an ACL surgery Brian can help you identify where you are and help you get back to sport.

Common Pre/Post Injury Assessments

  • ACL Injury
  • Ankle Sprain
  • Shin splints
  • Arm/Shoulder Injuries
  • Back/ Rotational problems

How it Works:  A biomechanical assessment evaluates how you move your body – flexibility, rotation, stability, range of motion and strength. Evaluations are 40-60 minutes long,  movement patterns are assessed manually and with the use of an kinetic feedback device.   This assessment will focus on your past injuries or identify risks for future injuries.  After your evaluation, Brian will identify your natural movement patterns, identify any areas that need extra attention and create an action plan for you to work on at home.

**Assessments are free when you sign up to train with Brian or sign up within 24 hours of your evaluation.