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3 courts available every weekday.

IPT Wisconsin is excited to offer the fast growing sport of Pickleball every weekday! 

Open Pickleball Hours

Monday: 8am-2pm 
Tuesday: 8am-2pm
Wednesday: 8am-2pm
Thursday: 8am-2pm
Friday: 8am-2pm
Sat/Sun: by request only

Details ➟

No membership required. Sessions may be purchased above or at the door.
Paddles and balls will be provided, if needed.

  • $7: Drop in session (2 hours)
  • $60: 10-sessions (2 hours per session)
  • Open Pickleball is not available on days when MMSD or MGSD does not have school.

House Rules ➟

  1. Good sportsmanship
  2. Open Pickleball hours are open to players of all skill level. Courts are subject to be split by skill level
  3. If there are more players then courts available, all courts will need to play doubles.
  4. Games will be played to 11 and winners stay on their court, losers rotate off. Games will be played to 9 if people are waiting.

Notes ➟

We ask that all players bring a pair of tennis shoes to change into while playing. No street shoes on our hardwood courts in an effort to keep the integrity of the floors.