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Dedicated to helping develop the most skilled basketball players in the world.

What makes IPT Wisconsin special?

Our methods are backed by science.

We are an elite basketball training facility. But not exlusive. We train kids of all ages and across all skill level. We hold every athlete to the same expectation of being elite. 

What do we mean by elite? Having the committment and courage to get better every time you step in the gym. Working hard, treating people with respect, and never stop chasing your dreams. 

IPT Wisconsin is a safe environment for making mistakes. We actually encourage mistakes! Because that is how we learn. 

How do I get Involved?

Get better everyday. In every way.

IPT Wisconsin is comitted to your athletic improvement so you can accomplish all of your goals. Our combination of basketball and fitness training will have you more confident than ever before and ready to dominate your competition. 

Start by attending Skill Lab to get acclimated with our trainers, training methods, and facility. Once you find a trainer you really enjoy training with, schedule PT with that trainer to get more time to work on skills. 

Take full advantage of your opportunity and spend time training with our performance coaches. Utilize our state-of-the-art weight room and highly knowledgable performance coaches to get your body ready to play at a high level.

Brenda Clevidence

Owner Wisconsin headquarters

Brenda Clevidence is dedicated to helping the basketball community in Wisconsin. 

Meet the Founder ➟

Micah Lancaster

Micah Lancaster

Founder & CEO

Micah Lancaster is a former professional basketball player and current sports trainer, specializing in basketball skill development.