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Photo of Biomechanical Movement Assessments

Biomechanical Movement Assessments


Focus – Evaluation of Biomechanics to understand movement patterns and deficiencies that are limiting those movements.

Purpose:  How you move your body matters.  If your body is in balance – you move and make improvements quickly and efficiently.  When you overuse your body in specific ways (Ex – overuse injuries) you become inefficient or injured.

Do you want to get faster, jump higher, swing the bat faster or get lower on defense?  Your body might be limiting your progress due to imbalances.  Understanding how your body moves – relative to your personal goals is key in hitting the gains you are seeking.

How it Works:  A biomechanical assessment evaluates how you move your body – flexibility, rotation, stability, range of motion and strength. Evaluations are 40-60 minutes long,  movement patterns are assessed manually and with the use of an kinetic feedback device.   After your evaluation, Brian will identify your natural movement patterns, identify any areas that need extra attention and create an action plan for you to work on at home.

**Assessments are free when you sign up to train with Brian or sign up within 24 hours of your evaluation.