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Kids Lab

Open to Kids ages 48.
Wednesday’s 5:30pm6:15pm 
Monthly Subscription: $50 
Pay per session: $15/per session

What is Kids Lab?

About Kids Lab ➟

Bring your kids to IPT Wisconsin for some family-friendly fun! We offer Skill Lab for the 3rd-12th graders, but what about the kiddos?

We typically start doing Skill Training with 3rd grade & older.  That type of Skill Training can be quite challenging for the littler kids who are just trying to learn how to dribble with one hand or just want to have some fun with a basketball. 

Trainer Andre ➟

Andre Wallace will be running Kids Lab. Andre played college basketball himself at UW Oshkosh! Ask him about his favorite song! He is also a DJ who loves music. Super fun guy!

Work on the Basics ➟

The primary goal of Kids Lab is to give these young-ins a place to have fun playing the game of basketball. Along the way they will start learning the basics of the game 

Parents Welcome ➟

Yes, parents are welcome! We encourage parents to stay & cheer on your kiddos! You are even welcome to pick up a basketball yourself & play alongside the kids.