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Speed & Agility training

Speed & agility (youth)

Designed for
Elementary & Middle school athletes
15 kids per speed class

Starts June 10, 2024
Choose your time.
This will be your regular speed & agility schedule.

Monday – 9a-10a or 11a-Noon
Tuesday – 9a-10a or 11a-Noon
Thursday – 9a-10a or 11a-Noon

Speed & agility

Designed for
High School & College athletes

20 kids per speed class

Starts June 10, 2024
Choose an option.
This will be your regular speed & agility schedule

Mon + Weds – 4p-5p
Tues + Thurs – 4p-5p

Speed & Agility training will carry over into the school year with a different schedule

Start training your speed & agility on a consistent basis & watch how
your athleticism evolves before your eyes.

sport-specific training

No matter what sport you play, we help you become an overall better athlete.
Helping to improve your movement & performance in competition.

✅ Basketball
✅ Football
✅ Volleyball
✅ Swimming

✅ Soccer
✅ Hockey
✅ Baseball
✅ Softball

✅ Track & Field
✅ Ultimate Frisbee
✅ Tennis
✅ Pickleball
✅ & more




Together – the complete workout.
Athletic development + basketball development.

Summer Skills+ begins June 10, 2024.
3rd-5th grade
6th-8th grade
Boys & Girls combined

Save money & bundle both with the Skills+ Bundle.
Time spent on both speed & agility & basketball development.
Maximize your potential.

Speed & agility (Youth)

Starts June 10, 2024

Choose 1 time slot.
This will be your speed & agility time on a regular basis.

Mon – 9a-10a or 11a-Noon
Tues – 9a-10a or 11a-Noon
Weds – 9a-10a or 11a-Noon

SKill Lab

Starts June 10, 2024

Attend either Skill Lab. Limit 1 daily.
Check in at the table on your way in the door.

Mon – 10a-11a or 6p-7
Tues – 10a-11a or 6p-7p
Thurs – 10a-11a & 6p-7p
Sat – 10a-11a

Continue into the fall.
Stay tuned for more info!

What else do we offer?

Is your kid elementary or younger & looking to move, exercise & play?
Speed Demons is what you need.

Playground style athletics, game based approach to improving athleticism.

Recommended for early elementary.

A safe place to fail ➟

We are a community committed to growth. The growth process can be challenging with lots of little failures along the journey. Growth is a vulnerable space to be in & we recognize that. We are a safe environment free of judgement, punishment, harassment & bullying.

We are committed to supporting everyone with positivity, motivation, encouragement, loyalty, & love. Working together to better ourselves.

We respect everyone in their process.
We try together. We struggle together. We fail together. We learn together. We succeed together. All together standing for ourselves.

It’s not impossible, it’s I’m Possible.