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SUMMER Camp 2024

SUMMER Skills+

Basketball Skills and Speed Training

June 10-June 27

July 1-July 30

August 1 – August 29

June, July, august are available for sign up!
Fall info – stay tuned!

Individual Options

starts June 10, 2024

speed & Agility (Youth)

Chose 1 time slot for the month

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
9a-10a or 11a-Noon

SKill lab (Youth)

Attend either Skill Lab. Limit 1 daily.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
10a-11a or 6p-7p

Continue into the fall.
stay tuned for information!

Youth Speed & AGILITY

Interested in Speed & Agility Workouts only?


Youth Skill lab

Interested in Skill Lab



Let’s do both!

-Conveniently scheduled


WHy should I do this? My kid is already playing on a team.

The work we do is different than the work of a coach on a team. We teach & practice the things that coaches don’t have time for. We are skill developers. Focusing on the individual players self-growth. Our goal is to work on every element of the game – ball handling, footwork, finishing, shooting, passing. Ultimately helping you become a better basketball player each day. In addition to basketball you will be going through speed & agility workouts helping you unleash your athleticism. Being in the Skills+ Bundle will only fuel your success on the court when playing with your team.

Will my kid get playing time?

Every kid has ball, every kid has a mat, every kid is playing, every kid is getting better. FOR the full 60 minutes, every time. We don’t do live competitions, we get you ready for live competition. During your time at IPT you will be challenged & tested, always playing basketball. WIth a positive mindset toward improving.

Who is it designed for?

The Summer Skills+ is made for any athlete in 3rd-8th grade.
We recommend that athletes in high school or older join the All-In Package (see in offerings).

Summer Skills+ is the perfect blend of athletic development & basketball development. We will focus on I’m Possible methods & basketball skill + speed & agility workings improving you as athlete, great exercise, mind challenges, & overall improvement on your movement.
Good for any athlete of any sport, but incredible for basketball players.