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Skill Lab

Monday: 6pm-7pm
Tuesday: 6pm-7pm
Thursday: 6pm-7pm
Saturday: 10am-11am

Monday: 10am-11am
Tuesday: 10am-11am
Thursday: 10am-11am
Saturday: 10am-11am

Monday: 11a-Noon
Tuesday: 11a-Noon
Thursday: 11a-Noon
Saturday: 10a-11am

What is Skill Lab?

Skill Lab is our regularly scheduled basketball training classes.
an opportunity to spend time working in the I’m Possible system.

The Purpose ➟

Skill Lab is basketball training like you have never seen before. An opportunity to improve your game on the court. Teaching you everything a player needs in their toolkit & everything coaches don’t have time to work on. Broken down into fine detail for anyone to understand.

We focus on the individual & self growth. Sending you back to your team ready to be a big time contributor. We are all on the same team at IPT with the goal of getting better & improving ourselves one day at a time.

Skill Labs are no time on the bench, no time waiting, no time wasted. Everyone is up & moving. Everyone has a ball. Everyone has a mat. Everyone is playing & getting better. For the full 60 minutes!
The purpose is to improve your own game.

Learning to move ➟

We don’t teach players moves, we teach players how to move. We break the game down into it’s finest detail allowing you to learn exactly what the professionals are doing at the highest level.

As you learn more & master more, you will realize how everything in the I’m Possible system layers, stacks, & blends together allowing you to mix & match movements into different sequences.

We use accountability tools to simulate realistic game-time scenario movement patterns. These tools & visual aids propel growth & allow players to feel & see what they need in the learning process. Training your body to get into those necessary movement patterns naturally.

The Value ➟

Unlimited Skill Labs sessions – ONLY $125/mo

  • 4 Skill Lab’s weekly (schedule above)
  • ~16 Skill Lab’s monthly
  • Value of under $8 per session.
  • Professional level curriculum
  • System trusted by 100+ NBA & 10,000+ College Athletes


Skill Lab & PT both consist of the I’m Possible curriculum,
but there are a few differences to note.


  • Consistent schedule weekly.
  • Trainers rotate throughout the week to teach the Skill Lab of the day.
  • Anyone is welcome to a Skill Lab. Sizes range from 5-30+ people
  • 4 Skill Labs weekly. ~16 Skill Labs monthly. Attend when you want with the Skill Lab pass.

PT – Personal Training.

  • Personal Training allows for more time diving deep, asking questions, & working on what you need to fix in your game.
  • Workouts can be more personalized based on wants & needs
  • Groups of 2-5 (maximum 5)
  • Time spent at the monitor breaking down film.
  • 3 sessions every month
  • Unlimited Skill Lab Access when you sign up for PT

A safe place to fail ➟

We are a community committed to growth. The growth process can be challenging with lots of little failures along the journey. Growth is a vulnerable space to be in & we recognize that. We are a safe environment free of judgement, punishment, harassment & bullying.

We are committed to supporting everyone with positivity, motivation, encouragement, loyalty, & love. Working together to better ourselves.

We respect everyone in their process.
We try together. We struggle together. We fail together. We learn together. We succeed together. All together standing for ourselves.

It’s not impossible, it’s I’m Possible.