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Skill Lab

Monday: 6pm-7pm
Tuesday: 6pm-7pm
Thursday: 6pm-7pm
Saturday: 10am-11am

What is Skill Lab?

The Value ➟

Skill Lab is the best bang for your buck that you can find across the state. Possibly even the country.

FOR ONLY $125 month you get access to an unlimited amount of Skill Labs sessions that month. With 4 Skill labs every week, that means you can get up to 16 Skill Lab sessions each month at a value of just under $8 per session.

Skill Lab gives you time to train with a trainer and unlock all different types of basketball Skills to work on.

The Purpose ➟

Skill Lab is an opportunity for you as an athlete to improve your game. Coaches will utilize your strengths because their goal is to win games. Our mission is to expose your weaknesses and help you improve on those weaknesses. We teach you new skill because our goal is to improve your game.

Skill Lab is a larger group setting made for training. Training and collaborating with your peers and people of a similar skill level is a great way to learn the game.

Learn New Skills ➟

We work tirelessly to teach you new skills. It’s good to continue working on strengths. But it is MOST important to work on the things you are not good at. 

Skill Labs are a comfortable and safe environment to make mistakes and learn. Learn from your trainers, learn from your peers, and learn from your own mistakes.

We hope that you learn new skills during lab time and then continue to work on those skills during your own time. Skill Lab is a time to learn and get better, but repetitions are just as important.

Break Down Film ➟

Skill Lab trainers will work with kids to break down film of the skill moves on the monitors during workouts.

Trainers will use footage of YOU during your skill lab session. Footage will be of you trying the new skill which you are learning. This way you can literally see what you are doing right and what you need to fix. Seeing yourself attempt a move is an efficient way to learn.  

Trainers will use examples of real NBA players using the moves in-game. This allows for kids to understand how the skill can be implemented to an in-game situation.