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ALL-IN Package ➟

Designed for high school, college & pro basketball players

The Ultimate Package for developement

Everything necessary to fuel your growth 

consistent training in both the weight room & on the basketball court

11 organized hours of development each month

  • Private Basketball training ~ 3x/month
  • Athletic Performance Training (Weight room) ~ 2x/week

Opportunity of up to to 27 more hours each month

  • Unlimited Skill lab ~ 4x/week
  • Unlimited Shooting Machine – 1x/day


ALL-In Bundle

People playing basketball

Personal Basketball Training (PT)

Hone-in with personal training. This is the time to take notes, ask questions, dive deep & learn


Athletic performance

Focus on strength, speed, and agility training. Your weekly workout regime facilitated by our performance coaches


Unlimited SKILl LAB

Learn new skills of the game & add to your bag. Skill Lab runs four times a week giving you lots of opportunities to


unlimited Shooting machine

Get shots up. Get reps in. This is independent work time to continue working on what you have learned.


Access to the I’m possible cloud app – ALL-IN PACKAGE

The cloud gives you access to over 750+ different skills to practice & master…

The cloud is the perfect way to organize your workouts, track your progress, and plan your growth.

Schedule your development. Make a road-map to achieving your dreams.

Guided learning… your development starts with knowledge

Both basketball & performance training guided by certified trainers & coaches

Athletic Performance Certified

All of our Athletic Performance Coaches come from different backgrounds but all highly qualified with degrees & certificates in their respective fields

I’m Possible certified

All of our basketball trainers are I’m Possible Certified. I’m Possible Training is a program trusted by 100+ NBA players, 10,000+ college basketball players, & 50,000+ students

The Ultimate Package ➟

Get on the list and don’t miss a beat.


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